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  • Raw space(space only) : possible to apply for over 2 booth Space only offered(Exhibitors should select a contractor and pay for the booth installation.)
  • Shell Scheme :
  • - Banner : 2,400mm X 750mm
  • - Floor : Py-tex
  • - Information desk and hair : 1 set regardless of booth size
  • - Light and fluorescent lamp : 2 spot lights and 2 lamps per booth
  • - Electricity : 1kw single phase 220V
  • - Round table and 2 chairs
  • 조립부스
  • 조립부스 포함사항
  • Depending on the deposit date, size of participation, terms of moving in and out and others,
    organizer will allocate the booth temporarily.
참가업체 유의사항
  • Exhibitors may not relocate, eliminate and change the partition which organizer of Hankook Pack 2017 install.
  • Facilities of shall stand(SYSTEM PANEL) and offers(chairs, etc.) are rented to exhibitors so that exhibitors are
    responsible for all damage and should pay for the cost.
  • Action using facilities are not allowed as below
  • - Attachment of poster, panel with double side tape
  • - Attachment og sign with cutting sheet
  • - Installation spotlight using clip
  • Although 1kw per 1 booth is going to be offered, including light, for the safety exhibitors should apply for the
    additional electricity for usage of such computer, TV or equipment which need electricity.
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