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제1조 용어의 정의
  • 1. 'Exhibitor' is such corporation, association, organization who submit application form.
  • 2. 'Exhibition' indicates Hankook Pack 2019.
  • 3. 'Organizer' is secretariat of Hankook Pack 2019.
제2조 참가신청
  • 1. The person who want to apply for the participation should complete the application form and submit to the organizer.
  • 2. Exhibitor should pay for participation fee(booth rental fee, utility service) at the time when submitting the application
    form. By deposit, the contract will be valid. However, if the extent of exhibition hall is exhausted or exhibits are not
    appropriate to Hankook Pack 2019, the organizer could decline the application. In addition the organizer can
    return paid deposit within 15 days after the application due to the organizer's circumstances.
  • 3. Exhibitor has to notify the changes of application form of participation, utility service and so on to the organizer.
    If not, the exhibitor will be responsible for the disadvantages.
제3조 참가비 납입
  • 1. The location will be allocated by date of application of participation, nationality, number of applying booth,
    exhibit categories and etc. Exhibitors cannot raise the question about that.
  • 2. Organizer can reallocate the booth before setting up under specific circumstances. Unless there are unavoidable events,
    exhibitors should cooperate with organizer.
제4조 참가비 내역
  • 1. Exhibitor’s staff should always stay in their booth to service visitors and to preserve and maintain the exhibits.
  • 2. If there are different exhibit goods from what exhibitors applied or direct sales, organizer can ask to dismantle or move out;
    Exhibitors can not subject to complain or ask for the refund.
  • 3. If necessary, organizer could reject the specific person's access.
  • 4. It is impossible to transfer, sell or exchange the assigned booths to a third person.
  • 5. Exhibitors are not able to reform the floor, ceiling, column and wall with painting or glue.
    If the exhibitor causes any damage to any facilities, the exhibitor shall restore said facilities immediately.
  • 6. Organizer can optionally deny or limit on exhibits, exhibition to prevent from disorder,
    threatening the security and public criticism.
제5조 전시부스 배정
  • 1. Deposit is 30% of booth rental fee (except VAT) and must be paid at the same time when applying for participation.
    The remainder amount is 20% of the total participation fee andmust be paid by 30 July 2019. The remainder amount is
    VAT 10% and 50% of the boothrental fee, including shell stand(optional) and must be paid by 31 August 2019.
    If the application form is submitted after the due date, exhibitors shoule pay 100% of the booth rental fee.
    In addition utility service charges(including VAT) must be paid by 30 September 2019.
  • 2. Hankook Pack 2019 Organizer could unilaterally cancel the contract or impose the fine if thecase of exhibitor not
    paying participation fee by the term. In this case participation feesalready paid will not be returned.
제6조 설치 및 철거
  • 1. If the case of exhibiting not connecting to Hankook Pack’s Character, exhibitor not payingparticipation fee, case of
    exhibitor not complying the rules and regulations, case of exhibitor using partial or entire allocated booth location /
    rending or transferring without Hankook Pack 2019 organizer's permission, organizer can cancel the contract or deny the
    applying for the exhibition without any notice and participation fees already paid will not be returned.
  • 2. If the exhibitors cancel the participation before 31 May 2019, exhibitors should pay 40% of booth rental fee as penalty
    and after 1 April 2019, penalty, it will be 100% of cancelled booth rental fee. In case of partial cancellation,
    exhibitors should pay 40% of cancelled booth rental fee.
  • 3. Should the exhibition be cancelled or postponed for more than a year due to some unavoidable circumstances,
    the participation fee will not be refunded.
제7조 주최측에 대한 정보제공
  • If the organizer cancel the exhibition, participation fee already paid will be returned. However, if it is due to the
    unavoidable circumstances, the fee is not going to be refunded. In this case exhibitor cannot ask for compensation.
제8조 전시부스 관리
  • Exhibitors should complete the setting up the booth and moving in the exhibits within the appointed date.
제9조 보험,보안 및 안전
  • Exhibitors should move out the exhibits within the appointed date and if not, they shouldimmediately pay for the fee which organizer will pay for.
제10조 위험부보
  • 1. The organizer will serve the security during the exhibition.
  • 2. The exhibitors will be responsible for protection and missing of every exhibit and relatedequipment.
  • 3. If the exhibitors mean or make a fault so that there are fire, theft, damage and otheraccidents occurs, they are
    resposible for that. The exhibitors should also take outinsurance to cover itself against all potential damages of exhibits
    and subordinateequipment during the period of exhibition and move-in and move out under theexhibitors' need.
제11조 전시회의 취소 또는 변경
  • 1. All materials in exhibition hall should be fireproof, complying the fire regulations.
  • 2. The organizer may request participants to take appropriate fire safety precautions and
    the participants must comply with them.
제12조 참가취소 및 규모 축소
  • 1. Organizer could make additional rules which are not indicated in manual if it is needed.
  • 2. Additional rules will be the part of the manual and exhibitors should comply for that.
  • 3. Exhibitors and organizer must comply for the rules of KINTEX.
제13조 보충규정
  • Participation on the interpretation of this agreement arise between the organizers and exhibitors of the parties rights and
    obligations in the arbitration of disputes subject to the arbitration award, the award can not sue in the courts against.
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