Bible Quiz

Awana Bible Quiz is a time for a checkup on handbooks that Awana clubbers have studied for one year. The clubbers experience learning God’s Word with other clubbers from all over Korea through Speed Quiz, multiple-choice, and written tests with fun and excitement. Clubbers may choose one handbook from all handbooks they studied for Bible Quiz, and all participating clubbers may receive gold medals, silver medals, and bronze medals afterwards. For each handbook, the highest scored clubber receives a special trophy. As preparing for the Bible Quiz, each Awana church motivates clubbers finish any unfinished handbooks as well as encourages the clubbers who had completed the handbooks to review on their own and to rememorize. Bible Quiz is a time to encourage all clubbers who studied God’s Word for the past year by having Awana teachers and parents invited. About 2,000 clubbers, including teachers and parents, total 3000 people participate in Awana Korea’s festival of the Word every year.

  • Date & Time: Feb. – March, Sat, 10am-6pm
  • Location: Seoul area, Gyeonggi area, and the Southern part area
  • Degree: 1-3 degrees
  • Registration fee: please refer to the announcement indicated by order
    *Regardless of location, you may register the church you want to hold Bible Quiz.
    *Please refer to the club announcement every year since the schedule may change depends on the number of participants and location.
  • Inquiry: Katie Yoon (Domestic mission team: 010-6219-8541)