What is Journey?


Journey is a 3-year spiritual trek for high school students (17 to 19 years old) who are passionate to serve the World by writing, memorizing, and discussing the Bible forming their perspectives within the standard in God’s Word.

Why Journey? – 7 reasons (A~G)


Journey is a 3 year spiritual journey that high school students discover the perspective to see the World through the Word of God.

Bible Study 247

Journey bible study is not a regular bible study that clubbers gather together to prepare during club time. A self-bible study should be done every day for a week.At Journey club, clubbers study two books for a year that focus on spiritual growth and each book of the Bible. Clubbers discuss the Bible and check memory scriptures that clubbers have finished throughout the week..


Journey club is a small community training center for new believers, high school students who are passionate, and also those who desire to transform this World practicing living in the Kingdom of God by serving one anotherto grow spiritually.


Journey small group time gives the students the opportunity to discuss about God’s Word with teachers and peers. Through 30 minutes of discussion, the clubbers get to expand their knowledge of God’s Word deeply. They get to ponder about, “How would God think about this issue?”as facing worldly issues personally and discussing based on the perspective to train themselves to think on their own.
This is an essential course of spiritual journey that the clubbers get to comprehend and view the world and life issues through God’s eyes and with His heart


Journey club’s interaction is the beginning of club. Journey arouses passion about spiritual journey to high school students through various games, indoor activities, outing, domestic and international short term mission trips.


Journey club gives a strong motivation to all Awana families to participate in spiritual journey. Clubbers’spiritual journey must be the journey that church, family, parents, and children are part of it together.


Journey clubs exist for the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the beginning to the end. Trek’s entrance course encourages clubbers to think about the core value of the Gospel on their own and memorize scripture. Journey Bible Study encourages clubbers hear the Gospel repeatedly and act accordingly.
Interaction, Large Group Time, and Small Group time (3 in 1) are a strong structure to teach the Gospel effectively.

Club management “3 in 1”

Journey clubs meet once a week for 2 hours anytime either on week days or weekends. According to “3 in 1”club management, Journey runs in three steps in one circle.


1. Interaction Time (game, recreation, board game, outing)

The first time is interaction time. It is composed of dynamic Awana games, indoor activities, board games, mission, and outing. High school students arouse their passion about club practicing community of God’s Kingdom through orders, rules, cooperation, and achievement at interaction time.

2. Large Group Time I (Sermon, Awana Prayer, Flag-raising ceremony, 2 Timothy 2:15 )

The second time is Large Group Time. It is a time for high school students to proclaim the Gospel, which includes holding a flag-raising ceremony, stating Awana prayer, and memorizing 2 Timothy 2:15. The purpose of having the large group time before the small group time is to help discussion during the small group time. During the large group time, high school students remind themselves of self-bible studies they had throughout the week and prepare for scripture memorization and discussion for the weekend. Depends on church situation, worship time, testimony, special praise, skit, and drama may be utilized flexibly.

3. Small Group Time I (Discussion & Bible Memory)

Lastly, small group time is the most emphasized time at Journey. Not only High school students memorize God’s Wordbut also discuss the studied Bible themes with teachers and other Journey clubbers. Through this time, high school students build their biblical worldview with biblical perspective by solving many questions they have as accepting Bible truth from their heads to hearts.

Journey Club Curriculum

Handbook Curriculum

Journey handbook is a 3-year of educational course that helps high school students (at the age of 17~19) put their moral standards in God’s Word as well as discover God’s perspectives. For a year, they master two handbooks that are composed of 12 chapters. For the first semester, they focus on mastering one handbook, and for the second semester, they go deeper with important themes of faith. The amount of bible memorization relatively decreases because the core of Journey is to encourage clubbers think and choose biblically as being the main agent of their faith.

갈라디아서 & 에베소서,온 더 락 로마서, 하나님의 뜻 고린도전서, 성경적세계관

핸드북 샘플보기 I Handbook Sample

핸드북 샘플보기

Romans I

Contents Learning Objective 암송구절 성경읽기
1. Special Training 1. Understand Paul’s purpose for writing a letter to the church in Rome.
2. Know the background of Paul and how God chose him to share the Gospel of Jesus Chris
3. Learn four characteristics of Paul’s letters.

롬 1:1-17
행 9:1-22
2.Are you good enough? 1. Define three kinds of sinners.
2. Acknowledge that all people are sinners before God.
3. Know how God reveals himself to us.
4. Understand that God judges all people equally.


3. Good News (Gospel) 1. Know that God’s Will is not relevant to His commandments
2. Know that God’s Will may be revealed through His performance
3. Know that we may be clothed in His righteousness through Abraham and David’s faith


4. New Status 1. Understand we have been given a new status in resurrected Jesus Christ.
2. Understand God’s grace doesn’t come at once when you are saved but, it is a gift.
3. Understand the first and the second Adam’s identity.

롬 5장
5. Death and life 1. Understand that we are dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus.
2. Realize we, as Christians, are free to reject sins.
3. Realize the importance of obeying God on their own.

롬 6장
6. Are you good enough? 1. Understand the purpose of the law of Moses
2. Realize the difference between sin and law of death AND life and law of the Holy Spirit.
3. Understand the struggle that is fixed in the center of a believer’s life.

롬 7장
7. True Solution 1. Understand that the Holy Spirit works in their lives.
2. Realize that nothing can be separated from the love of Jesus Christ.
3. Understand that our bodies may change into glorious body forms in Heaven

롬 8장
8. God’s graft 1. Understand Paul’s intention for us toknow the difference between Jew’s animal sacrifices to be redeemed in the New Testamentand us being redeemed
completely in Christ Jesus.
2. Understand the fact that not all Jews believe in God.
3. Know that God is the absolute sovereign.
4. Know that now anyone can be saved.

롬 9-11장
9. 9. God’s gift 1. Understand the fact that we have to present our bodies as a living sacrifice.
2. Understand that all Christians are the body of Christ.
3. Understand my ability and use it to serve God.


10. Holding onto God 1. Understand the characteristics of real love.
2. Understand the reason why we have to have a respectful attitude towards the authority.
3. Understand the principle: “No debt remains outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another.”


11. Balanced behavior 1. Understand that God has given us the principles to follow in all situations
however, He does not instruct detailed things one by one.
22.Know that in some situations, our attitudes as the weak are more important than what we do as Christians.
3.Understand that when we make decisions, we shall do based on God’s Word and conscience and also examine if our behaviors tire weak Christians out.


12. Paul and his friends 1. Understand why Paul wrote letters to the Romans.
2. Learn Paul’s plan.
3. Know about Paul’s few friends.

16:25, 26b, 27


Will of GOD I

하나님의 뜻
Contents Learning Objective 암송구절 성경읽기
1. God’s will 1. Define God’s Will.
2. Explain why knowing God’s Will begin with salvation
3. Know that God’s Will for us is to enjoy what He has given to us.
4. Realize how God uses the ability and care that He has given to the students.

엡 1:1-14
시 37:3-7
2. Fill in with good things 1. Explain what kind of person is filed with the Holy Spirit
2. Realize how God wants His people’s lives to be transformed by the Holy Spirit’s lead.

엡 5:15-21
롬 12:1-21
3. Follow the instruction 1. Know why Christians seek after other’s advice before talking with God.
2. Explain how to pray and read the Word of God in order to make a right decision.
3. Discover what God speaks about various problems in order to make a right choice.
시 119:105
빌 4:6
시 119:169-176
빌 4:6
4. Make a plan 1. Realize the areas that need to be developed in order to mature in making a right decision.
2. Summarize necessary conditions in order to experience God’s lead in making a right decision.
3. Explain applicable detailed methods to realize God’s lead in every situation.
엡 5:17
시 32:8
시 32:8-9
잠 3:5-8
빌 4:6-7
5. You’ve grown so much! 1. Understand that spiritual growth is a gradual process.
2. Be encouraged to follow God’s Will as living their lives and growing in Jesus Christ.
3. 2. Be encouraged to follow God’s Will as living their lives and growing in Jesus Christ.
4. Apply the truth based on Colossians 1:9-12 in each life,and realize what it means to bematured God.

시 119:9-16, 105
골 1:3-14
딤전 4:12
벧전 2:2
6. Surrender yourself 1. Think of detailed ways to serve others
2. Explain the characteristic of God’s servant in a biblical way.
3. Act upon what God desires as serving others.

막 10:35
요 13:1-17
7. I surrender 1. Compare the general perspective on submission based on the Bible’s teaching.
2. Identify specific methods about treating people who have authorities.
3. Submit to people you have a hard time submitting.
2:13a, 15
벧전 2:13-18
롬 13:1-7
8. Nothing easy 1. Compare the general reaction to the Bible Principles when in a good situation or in a bad situation.
2. Understand how and why they should be grateful to God no matter what may come in their ways.
3. Be grateful to God in all situations.

살전 5:18
벧전 3:14-17,
9. I can do it! 1. Know how a friend may affect one’s behavior and habit.
2. Explain how a close friend can affect in a good way and in a wicked way.
3. Bring necessary changes and measure them if the friendship reflects the standard of God.

시 1편
고후 6:14-16
10. Say “No!” 1. Explain the reason why we should control sexually.
2. Find practical ways to overcome sexual temptation.
3. Choose not to lose chastity before marriage.
살전 4:1-8
고전 6:12-20
창 39:1-18
11. Carry out responsibility 1. Compare and contrast general attitude to Biblical work.
2. Perceive and explain habits and attitudes towards biblical work ethics.
3. Choose and develop habits and attitudes towards biblical work ethics.

엡 6:5-8
골 3:22-25
딛 2:9-10
12. Prior planning 1. Explain how God’s Will is relevant to the present and the future.
2. Carry out God’s Will not only in the present but also in the future.
3. Reflect back on how their lives have been transformed and through the handbook, what they have learned about God’s Will.

잠 16:3, 9
엡 2:10
빌 2:12-16
약 4:13-17

Galatians & Ephesians I

Contents Learning Objective 암송구절 성경읽기
1. May all perfect people stand up? 1.Define the meaning of grace, God’s commandments, faith, and fleshly body
2. Understand the purpose of law that God has given to us.
3. Explain the difference between personal conviction in salvation, and the standard of the Bible


3. Stand on 1.Know in what ways Jews condemn Paul
2. List out what are the three pillars that supported Apostle Paul.
3. Explain the Gospel message of Paul
4. Define the term, “righteous”


4. Who needs God’s commandments? 1.Explain the purpose of commandments
2. Explain the role of what to do in a Christian life.
3.Explain the life based on faith
4. Understand the importance of rules.


4. Let’s grow up! 1. Explain the biblical meaning of “adoption.”
2. Understand what it means to live life as an adopted child of God.
3. Share how life has been changed after being saved.
4. Discoverwhat the idols are that we worship besides God in life.


5. Without any condition 1. Explain Hagar and Sarah that are in Paul’s word image.
2. Explain what the freedom is as a Christian.
3. List out the spiritual fruits
4.Understand the fact that there is nothing else to add onto when it comes to receiving salvation

5:1, 13
갈 4:21-31
갈 5:1-15
창 21:1-14
6. Who is steering your ship? 1. You may make a connection with the difference between living abiding in the Holy Spirit and being led by the fleshly desires.
2. Be grateful for God’s mercy in this generation of grace.
3. Analyze the area of life that is not dwelling in the Holy Spirit.
4. Make a plan to live life that is dwelt in the Holy Spirit.


7.Before you begin 1. Explain the truths of doctrine of predestination and doctrine of election.
2. Get to appreciate the blessings of being chosen.
3. Understand the importance of witnessing.


8. There must be difference 1. Explain the meaning of grace.
2. Understand the status before being saved.
2. Understand the status before being saved.

2:4-5, 7

9. God! I need your will. 1. List out various qualities about sincere prayer.
2. Understand the importance of selfless prayer.
3. Understand the importance of prayer according to God’s Will.


10. Today’s heir 1. Explain what Church is.
2. Know each result of the three tests that God has given humans.
3. Christians may apply the characters that are listed below
: Humility, meek, patience, generous to each other, and be one in God.


11. We all have talents 1. You may list the people who have the four talents that God gave to church.
2. Explain things to hold onto in life and things to throw away in life as a believer.
3. Understand what the spiritual talent that God has given each person.


12. Life- Do not use until you read every instruction. 1. Explain what battles a Christian goes through every day in life.
2. Understand that the Holy Spirit may give strength when we surrender every
Christian life to God.
3. Distinguish four areas in proper relationships.
4. Know how to use God’s armor.



On the Rock I

온 더 락
Contents Learning Objective 암송구절 성경읽기
1. What is Christian doctrine? 1. Define what Christian doctrine is.
2. Understand how Paul importantly emphasized the doctrines to Timothy.
3. Realize how understanding the doctrines may help us not fall into sin.
4. Know that the Bible is the origin of right doctrine.
4:13, 16
딤전 4장
2. Bible 1. Define “revelation” and “being touched.”
2. Know the basic facts about the Bible and authors.
3. Understand the process of God ‘being touched.’
4. Know the reason why God gave us the Bible.
3. God 1. Know how God is our master.
2. Explain God’s characters and what the characters are.

출 15:11
시 147:1-20
렘 10:12-13
계 4:8
4. Lord, Jesus Christ 1. Know why Jesus Christ had to die on the cross
2. Explain the meaning of death of Jesus Christ and His resurrection.

1:1, 14
요 14:1
빌 2:5-11
히 9:11-15
5. Holy Spirit 1. Understand that the Holy Spirit is equivalent to God the Father and God the Son.
2. Explain the Holy Spirit’s ministry towards unbelievers.
3. Know the Holy Spirit’s ministry towards believers.

요 14:16-21,
행 2:1-4
6. Angels and Satan 1. Explain the human nature of angels. .
2. Explain the human nature of angels.
3. Explain why Satan is corrupted.
4. Know how Satan affects us.
5. Know how to handle when Satan attacks us.
마 28:2-5
엡 6:10-20
벧전 5:8-11
7. Humanity 1. Explain what it means to be created in the image of God.
2. Understand the purpose of God in creating humans.
3. Apprehend how the human nature has come to sin.
4. Explain God’sways of restoring the state of human.

3:10, 11
롬 3:21-30,
8. Salvation 1. Explain about “born again”
2. Explain the character of“born again.”
3. Explain how to be born again.

요 3장
9. Church 1. Distinguish between universal church and local church.
2. Explain about universal church in three ways.
3. State the role of church that the student is part of and the role of the universal church.


10. Future 1. Define ‘general conflagration’, ‘the millennium’, and ‘The Rapture’.
2. Explain why the Bible teaches about the rapture before general conflagration.
3. Understand about the millennium.
살전 4장
계 20장
11. Heaven and Hell 1. Explain what will happen after a human dies.
2. Explain about God’s Kingdom.
3. Explain about God’s Kingdom.

12. Faith 1. Define ‘faith’
2. Understand where faith comes from.
3. Know the meaning of living life with faith.
4. They grow in faith.



1Gorithians I

Contents Learning Objective 암송구절 성경읽기
1. Does a perfect church exist? 1. Know why Paul wrote letters to the church in Corinth.
2. Explain the situation of the church in Corinth.
3. Understand why there is no such thing as a perfect church.
4. You may decide the standard of justice in a sinful society.
고전 개요
고전 1:1-3
행 16:6-10
2. Where shall I stand? 1. Understand the meaning of Holy
2. Speak with other person about what God has done to those who believes
3. Realize God’s great love towards humans.
3. Who is my guide? 1. Know why Corinthian believers areseparated.
2. Evaluate the position of a leader in ministry of God.
3. Know how powerful the Gospel is that goes beyond the wisdom of human beings
4. Know the importance of humble service more than confidence in achievement.
4. What work is eternal? 1. Understand the importance of ministry of believers.
2. Divide between the eternal thing and fleeting thing
3. Explain the Great White Throne Judgement and the Judgment Seat of Christ.
4. Define the meaning of eternal life life that one may gain.
5. Are my standards high enough? 1. Explain the sins that the Corinthian believersignored.
2. Understand the purpose of discipleship training at church
3. Know the value of their bodies as God’s church
4. Begin to eliminate their immoralities from life.
5, 6장
6. 당신을 위한 하나님의 계획: 순결(그리고 결혼) 1. Know a right meaning about marriage
2. Know how marriage is described as church
3. Be patient about God revealing His plan about your marriage
6, 7장
7. 나보다 내 형제가 우선인가? 1. Know the definition of freedom in Jesus Christ
2. State how Corinthian believers misused the freedom in the Lord of Jesus Christ
3. Follow the examples of how Paul gave up on his right for other people
13:6, 7
8. 상을 위해 달음질하라 1. State five kinds of sins that the Israelites committed to reject God in the wilderness.
2. Learn how to avoid and set free from similar sins through the Israelites in the wilderness
9. Am I ready to worship? 1. Explain the reason why heads of women are covered at early churches.
2. State God’s plan for family.
3. Understand the purpose of communion.
4. Participate in Communion with a deeperconsideration
13:9, 10
10. What’s my spiritual gift? 1. Understand the meaning of Spiritual gifts.
2. Appreciate your position at where you are as a body of Jesus Christ.
3. Start to use your spiritual gifts to serve others.
12, 13장
11. What is the problem with speaking in tongues? 1. Explain the purpose of speaking in tongues at Pentecost.
2. Understand the meaning of being baptized by the Holy Spirit and being filled with the Holy Spirit.
3. Understand why speaking in tongues is no longer a gift.
고전 14장
행 2장
12. Can I rise from the dead? 1. Suggest evidence of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.
2. Understand that Jesus’ resurrection is the same as resurrection of a believer
3. Gain peace and hope by realizing that the dead rises again.
15, 16장

God Colored Glasses I

성경적 세계관
Contents Learning Objective 암송구절 성경읽기
1. What are you? 1. Explain the definition of worldview.
2. Start sorting out others’ worldviews.
3. Discern own worldview.
4. Start to analyze who I am.

롬 1장
2. Biblical worldview–First worldview 1. Understand why God created humans and the world.
2. Understand the detail of what God wants from us.

1:27, 31a
창 2장
3. 우리가 어디에 있는지 어떻게 알 수 있을까? 1. Understand the relationship between Satan and Sin.
2. Understand the origin of sin from Adam and Eve.
3. Understand the consequence of a sin that students committed.

4. God’s response 1. Go back to the Bible for God’s response
2. Understand answers from the Bible regarding questions about Worldview from chapter 1.


5. Bible and Prayer 1. Understand that prayer is our portion that takes up half of our conversation with God
2. Understand that the Bible is God’s portion that takes up half of our conversation with God
3. Understand that the world is the key to the relationship with God


6. Love is… 1. Understand many aspects regarding God’s love.
2. Understand that God’s love is unconditional love.
3. Know how to reveal God’s love to other people.

7. Church 1. Understand the difference between local church and Body of Christ.
2. Understand the difference between local church and Body of Christ.
3. Understand how Christians can help one another.
4. Understand the importance of church in terms of biblical worldview development.

8. Wisdom 1. Define about knowledge, comprehension, and wisdom.
2. Understand the importance of relying on God’s wisdom.
3. Know how to draw close to God’s wisdom.


9. Religious permission 1. Understand what religion is, and how it began.
2. Understand how Christianity in the Bibleare different from religion.
3. Know the way to disagree with those who deny the Bible.


10. What we need : LOVE 1. Understand the meaning of love.
2. Understand how God loves them.
3. Understand that abortion is violenceto God’s love.


11. Holy andPurity 1. Understand that God is holy.
2. Define holiness as a connecting dot between God and humans.
3. Understand how TV can sometimes violate the biblical perspective.
1:15, 18-19
12. Honesty 1. Understand the standard of God about honesty.
2. Know why honesty is important.
3. Understand about bad things that may happen when we are not honest.



Training Support


Journey uniform strengthens community and a sense of belonging for all teachers and students. Journey teachers and students must wear the uniform when they attend clubs. It is essential for all teenagers to wear the uniform when they attend Awana YM Summit.

단복 단복

Uniqueness of Journey Uniform

Philosophy of 247 Number

The number, “247” that is printed on the uniform, contains the meaning of “accompanying oneself” with God’s Words for 24 hours for a week. This is the core philosophy and calling of Awana Korea Journey.

Students Role Marker


Journey club supports 10 kinds of student’s roles. For one semester, students may take 1 or more roles and for three years, students may be trained to acquire total 6 or more roles. All students are required to choose 1 or more role and they may use their roles according to the situation of each church.

Why high school students aredesignated a role?

  • Vision
  • It helps all high school students (at the age of 17-19, all group) find their visions and what they are interested in, and furthermore, help them prepare.
  • Building
  • For those who are in Come See Group and unsure about their salvation or those who are saved but not been given a chance to serve, they are encouraged and are built up.
  • Training
  • It is to train all aspects of leadership of Come Serve Group that is passionate to dedicate one’s life for the World. Those who are talented in leading from the front should learn a role of assisting in the back. If there is a student who feels comfortable with serving from behind, he or she should be trained not to be afraid of leading from the front. God wants to use the high school students of this generation; not-so-distant future


Awards of Journey give a strong motivation to high school students to complete the handbooks. While they participate in Journey, they may receivetotal 6 handbook completion awards and total 6 club attendance awards.

Handbook Completion Awards

If students complete the half of a handbook in a semester, they may receive “sessionalcompletion emblem.” It is a rule to have the emblemattached on the left side on the uniform.

Trek 핸드북 완성표식

Club Attendance Awards

For the clubbers who attend Journey club faithfully for one semester may receive attendance awards. It is a rule to attach the awards on the left arm on the uniform.

Trek클럽 출석 시상표식

Awards System by handbook completion

  • Alpha Award
  • Alpha Award is awarded to 3rd grade students through seniors in high school who completed the first Awana handbook. The medal is made with transparent spherical crystal medal and it comes with a yellow pin.
  • Excellence Award
  • Excellence Award is awarded to 4th grade and above students who completed the second Awana handbook. A trophy and a pin are awarded as well.
  • Challenge Award
  • Challenge Award is awarded to 5th grade and above students who completed the third Awana handbook. A trophy and a pin are awarded as well.
  • Timothy Award
  • Timothy Award is awarded to 6th grade and above students who completed the forth Awana handbook. A trophy and a pin are awarded as well.
  • Milestone Award
  • MMilestone Award is awarded to 6th grade and above students who completed the fifth Awana handbook. A trophy and a pin are awarded as well.
  • Meritorious Award
  • Meritorious Award is awarded to those who completed 4 years of T&T course and completed seventh Awana handbook. A trophy and a pin are awarded as well.
  • Citation Award
  • Citation Award is the most honorable moment to all Awana clubbers. It is awarded to 6th grade and above, and to those who completed 10 Awana handbooks as well as finished all tasks that Awana HQ asked. A trophy and a pin are awarded. Citation Awarders are elected into the Hall of Fame of Awana HQ.

To Start Journey Clubs

  • 1) You have to get an approval from the senior pastor of your church.
  • 2) A person in charge has to send a consent form by fax and pay 50 dollars for annual registration fee.
  • * If it is your first time registering an Awana club at your church, you are required to pay 300 dollars for registration fee.
  • 3) Teachers are required to receive BT (Basic Training) to set up a club
  • 4) For every club, you are required to reregister every year.
  • Inquiry
  • For more detailed information, you may contact your local Awana missionary.
  • Seoul: missionary Sarah Choi (010-4081-5238)
  • Gyeonggi/Gangwon/Jeju: missionary Daniel Kim (010-3135-5997)
  • Gwangju, Jeonnam : missionary Sophia Lee (010-2873-3200)
  • Busan Gyeongnam : missionary Shine Park (010-6268-0616)
  • Daejon ChoongChung: missionary James Kim & Christine Jung (010-8873-5564)
  • Any other queries: Awana Korea office(031-711-6533)