What is Cubbies?


Awana Cubbies®contains bible stories about the Creator of this universe, His love, and Jesus Christ the Savior for 5~6 year old Children of Awana Korea and their parents. Cubbies provide picture cards, games, snacks, and special activities that fit the characters of 5~6 year old children as well as train the children through the Word of God about respect for God which is the foundation of Biblical worldview.

Why Cubbies: 7 reasons

Centered in Christ

Jesus Christ, the son of God is the cornerstone for Cubbies.
Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father (John 14:6), and the core message of the Bible (Luke 24:27). From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible reveals God’s plans to liberate the World from sin through the Savior’s ministry that is promised. Accordingly, cubbies curriculum covers the bible stories of the Old Testament and the New Testament as well as connects the stories of the Old Testament with Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

Unforgettable Words

Every week, Cubbies clubbers memorize the basic core truth of the Bible and bible passages. When Awana teachers and parents show respect for God and His Word, children learn that the Bible is different from any other books. God speaks through the Bible, and all Scriptures in the Bible are truth. Cubbies program helps children respect God’s Word and regard it preciously.

Biblical Parenting

5-6 year old children are the age when the foundation of respect for authority of the Bible and authority of God are established. Through Cubbies®, 5-6 year old children and their parents get training to stand before the authority of God. Also, through examples of Awana teachers and parents, Cubbies children learn not only how to respect God but also how to respect people, friends, and even church buildings and nature.

Biblical Activity

Cubbies handbookscontinuously encourage parents to actively nurture their children in God by providing ideas. In each chapter of Cubbies curriculum, God’s characters (love, faithfulness, and power, etc) are emphasized, and those characters are introduced in stories of the Bible. According to the theme, children get to experience various activities and repetitively learn the Bible’s truth.

Integrated Curriculum

Children in preschool are sensitive to five senses. These children learn best when they see, hear, taste, smell and touch. Integrated curriculum, a creative and active education method, which is used in Cubbies curriculum course, teaches the core value, the Gospel, through various ways with repeated methods by stimulating children’s five senses.

Daily Growth

Through family and church, young children are equipped in wisdom and attitude to form a right faith for the future by starting a relationship with God.
Through cubbies curriculum, children grow by gaining new knowledge and experience in God basing the respect for God’s greatness and authority.

Savior of All

5~6 year old children need the Gospel of the Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ came down to this Earth also for small and delicate 5~6 children.
Ears of the children are a gift from God to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Eyes of the children are a blessing from God to see Jesus Christ.
There is no insufficient age to hear the Gospel. Jesus Christ is the savior for all.

Introducing Cubbies Characters

Cubbies 캐릭터 소개

Club management: 6 in 1


Welcome time (10~15min)

Starting Cubbies as Integrated Education System (TTT), we welcome all parents of Cubbies. We may gain information about Children (spiritual and physical health) from the parents as well as by using attendance chart and stickers; we may take attendance and play small activities that are relevant to today’s theme.

Start time (10~15분)

Through the opening ceremony, theme phrase and theme recitation, sing cubbies the theme song, and puppet show, children participate in sermon time.

Sermon time (15~20분)

Sermon time is a time for children to learn Bible’s truth by listening toBible stories. We introduce and suggest the Gospel to Cubbies clubbers and have them review previewed bible memorization they already had done at home. 100 picture cards are prepared at sermon time and Bible stories are shared in various ways.

Handbook time (20~30분)

Through the small group activity time, clubbers memorize scripture and have an activity to intensify Bible true story.Clubbers pray together and review the Bible story. Repeating Scripture memorization, checking handbook assignments, and recording achievement record card that fit withthe activities of each theme (Bear Hug)are progressed.You may include the snack time and orient snacks to the theme so children may repeat the Bible truth as they eat their snacks. Through a simple cooking activity, children may be reminded of the theme sensuously.

Game time (20~30분)

It is an active play time that every cubbies clubberparticipates with fun and excitement. Adjusting to Integrated Education System, clubbers understand the theme and play games that are repeatable.

Time of returning home (5~10분)

Children get ready to return home while waiting for parents. Children organize their bags by putting school newsletters and cleaning up after themselves with other clubbers. Children listen to announcements and have a review session with parents.

Cubbies Curriculum

Cubbies handbooks are a 2-year course. ‘Apple Seed’ and ‘Honey Comb’ handbooks are the main textbooks,and they rotate every two year with no particular order.

Apple Seed Handbook

Bear Hug Bible memorization 시상
Entrance Course 1 John 4:10 "Jesus loves me!" 녹색사과
'A' stands for 'All' Romans 3:23
'C' stands for 'Christ' Romans 5:8 빨간사과커비
God is the creator Creation: First day & Second day Genesis 1:1
Creation: Third day & Fourth day Palms 33:9
Creation: Fifth day & Sixth day (animals) Genesis 1:31
Creation:Third day (People)& Seventh Day (Animals) Genesis 1:1 녹색사과
God’s Word is truth Adam and Eve lives on the garden of Eden John 17:17
Adam and Eve did not obey to God’s Word 시편 51:4
Adam and Eve have to leave the garden of Eden John 3:36
John 17:17 빨간사과
God keeps His promise God commands Noah to build the Ark Det. 7:9
God protects Noah and his family Psalms 4:8
The rainbow is the promise of God Genesis 9:13
Deuteronomy 7:9 녹색사과
God is almighty. Abraham’s family grows Psalms 147:5
God’s 9 plagues in of Egypt Psalms 124:8
10th plague and Exodus Exodus 15:2
Crossing the Red Sea Psalms 147:5 빨간사과
God takes care of The Israelites did not obey to God’s commandments Psalms 47:7
God chose David to be King Matthew 22:37
David beats Goliath Psalms 56:11
Psalms 47:7 녹색사과
God sent Jesus Christ, the savior Jesus was baptized and said “NO” to Satan. John 1:29
Jesus calls His disciples Mark 1:17
Jesus calms the storm Mark 4:41
Matthew 1:29 빨간사과
Special seasons Easter 1 Corinthians 15:4
Neighborhood day Acts 1:8
Thanksgiving Psalms 118:29
Christmas Luke 2:11

Honey Comb

Bear Hug Bible memorization 시상
Entrance Course 1 John 4:10 "Jesus loves me!" 녹색사과
'A' stands for 'All' Romans 3:23
'C' stands for 'Christ' Romans 5:8 빨간사과커비
God is the creator Almighty Creator God Revelation 4:11
God created me and all people Psalms 139:14
God created my family Ephesians 6:1
Revelation 4:11 녹색사과
God is the only one
and true God
The Israelites worship God at the temple Matthew 4:10
Elijah commanded the Israelites to only worship God. Jeremiah 10:10
Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego only worship God. Psalms 31:14
Matthew 4:10 빨간사과
Jesus is the Good shepherd Good Shepherd knows his sheep and guides it John 10:27
Good Shepherd finds the lost sheep Isaiah 53:6
Good Sphered is with us when we are scared Psalms 23:4
John 10:27 녹색사과
Jesus loves all
Jesus loves the paralyzed Matthew 1:21
Jesus loves a woman and the daughter of Jairus Psalms 139:14
Jesus loves five thousand people Matthew 6:11
Jesus loves the paralyzed Matthew 1:21 빨간사과
Jesus came
to save us
Jesus loves blind Batimaeus 1 John 4:14
Jesus loves Zacchaeus 1 Timothy 1:15
Jesus loves Marie of Bethany 1 Corinthians 15:3-4
1 John 4:14 녹색사과
Jesus’ Good NewsJesus preaches the Good News, the Gospel Peter’s disciples deliver the Good News Mark 16:15
Phillip preaches the Good News Romans 10:15
Paul and Silas
preach the Good News
Acts 16:31
We share the Good News Mark 16:15 빨간사과
Special seasons Special seasons Matthew 28:6
The story of the Good Samaritans Matthew 22:39
The leper that appreciate Thanksgiving Day Psalms 100:4
God sends the Savior on Christmas day Luke1:49

Uniform & Awards


Color of Cubbies uniform is Blue.When they complete Green apple course and Red apple course, they may attach an ‘A’ badge and ‘C’ badge. ‘A’ stands for All which means all people and ‘C’ stands for Christ, which means Jesus Christ. The content of the Gospel is implied in the center of the uniform. Also, ‘A’ means ‘Apple Seed handbook’ and ‘C’ means ‘Honey Comb handbook.’



Cubbies clubbers may attach on their uniforms so, they can touch and see. They are produced to see the growth of clubbers, which will help the parents and maturing clubbers feel rewarded and encouraged. They will help the children feel a sense of belonging to the club and also give motivation for the children to continue the handbooks.

사과 스티커 복습 스티커 특별절기 스티커 승급표식 애플시드, 허니콤 핸드북완성리본 사과완성패치

Before you begin Cubbies

  • 1) You have to get an approval from the senior pastor of your church.
  • 2) A person in charge has to send a consent form by fax and pay 50 dollars for annual registration fee.
  • * If it is your first time registering an Awana club at your church, you must pay 300 dollars for first time registration fee.
  • 3) Teachers must receive BT (Basic Training) to set up a club.
  • 4) For every club, you must reregister again every year.
  • Inquiry
  • For more detailed information, you may contact your local Awana missionary.
  • Seoul : missionary Sarah Choi (010-4081-5238)
  • Gyeonggi/Gangwon/Jeju : missionary Daniel Kim (010-3135-5997)
  • Gwangju, Jeonnam : missionary Sophia Lee (010-2873-3200)
  • BusanGyeongnam : missionary Shine Park (010-6268-0616)
  • DaejonChoongChung: missionary James Kim & Christine Jung (010-8873-5564)
  • Any other queries : Awana Korea office (031-711-6533)