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Puggles® supports parents do parenting their children with the Word of God and takes responsibility for children’s spiritual growth. Through Puggles®, Awana Korea’s 4-year-old children and their parents would be able to learn about the Bible that talks about the love of our Creator, God, and the savior, Jesus Christ at home and church.
Through picture cards, various games, and activities that are made for 4-year-old children, children and the parents get to experience basic Biblical view and its respect for God in life.

Why Puggles?- 7 reasons

Parents Training

The person who takes the most significant role in Puggles is parents; not teachers. Puggles® workbooks are made to provide ideas for parents to nurture their children spiritually as well as encourage consistently. The role of the church and teachersis to strengthen what is being taught at home through parents.

Unforgettable Words

There is no such thing: “You are too young to hear the Word of God!” All Puggles’ activities are laid in the foundation of the Word of God.The curriculums and activities of every week forPugglesmeetings are made to strengthen the Word of God that is taught at home and to repeat the truth of the Gospel, focusing on the main subject of each chapter. During the time when the Word of God is retaught in various ways with repetition, the 4-year-old children experience the joy of learning God’s Word on their own and understanding it.

Great World of God

For Puggles, it has the purpose of building the firm faith foundation as having the focus on nurturing in God since the children are young. Without respect toward the Word of God, children are not able to comprehend God,His commandments, and the necessity of salvation, and what it means to make a biblical choice for wise life. The curriculum for Puggles® is taught in an effective way with various materials to teach about having respect towards the authority of God, the Son of God: Jesus Christ, and the Bible.

Growing in Christianity

Puggles® activities help spiritual nurturing at home. The Bible indicates that parents are the spiritual teachers for children. (Det. 6:4-9, Proverbs 6:20-23, Eph. 6:4).Puggles® activities provide the opportunity to begin to shape the habit of faith with interest in Children’s spiritual growth and learning as various learning may begin in their lives in general.

Learning with Fun

According to the third ministry principle, which is ‘Awana is fun and exciting’,Puggles® activities attract children and are made up to bring interest and excitement from the children. The 4-year-old children will experience joy in learning God’s truth through easy and fun activities with friendly Puggles the Platypus and crafts time that stimulates five senses.

Everyday Activity

Puggles® activities are based on “doing” it with parents at home every day. The most effective education method for children is reinforcement through repetition. Through 5 days of home activity and club meeting through Puggles® at-home-curriculum, children listen to the Word of God, memorize it, and understand it.

Savior of All

4-year-old Children need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ came down to earth for small and delicate 4-year-old children. Ears of the 4-year-old children are a gift from God to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Eyes of the 4-year-old children are a blessing from God to see Jesus Christ. There is no insufficient age to hear the Gospel. Jesus Christ is the savior for all.

Puggles 캐릭터 소개

Puggles 캐릭터 소개

Club management: 6 in 1

Puggles® is run for 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours every week, and it does not have to have a joint club time with other clubs. IfPuggles® is only available during Sunday service time and adults’ bible study time, it can be run as a day-care program for a short time.


Welcome and Free Play time (20 min)

Welcome clubbers and parents!
Spend this time positively and in a calm atmosphere, and make sure to keep the
environmentcalm throughout the meeting.

Puppet play (5min) *choice*

It helps children pay attention to the Word of God.
Be aware not to directly instruct the children or teach the contents of the Bible.

Sermon time (15~20min)

Time to learn the truth of the Bible

  • Attendance chart &attaching stickers (5min)- seating arrangements activity (if planning to have finger puppet playtime, perhaps before it)
  • Singing Puggles® Quiet Song (3 min) – calm downbehavior and mind
  • Listening to God’s Word (10min)- make sure to do this activity in a quiet place for children to pay attention and use direct words and speak clearly with a soft tone. When showing visual materials or picture cards, make sure to show them to every child
  • Repeating the Bible’s truth (2min) – repeat the Bible truth (theme of the course) rather than memorizing Bible verses
  • Giving Thanks (2 min)

Coloring and Craft time (15min)

Strengthening Bible verse through a small group time
If it is too challenging for children to make crafts, coloring books are possible as alternatives.

Worship and Play time (15~20min)

Noncompetitive play time that every clubber may participate
Developing moral value and social skills as well as strengthening the day’s bible theme.

Snack time (5~10min)

Snack time may be held anytime during the meeting.
Consider Today’s theme and check if there is anyone who has food allergy.

Free play & returning home (15min)

Getting ready to return home and waiting for parents


Puggles®-at-home activity is a repetitive activity that Puggles repeat the Bible truth with parents or guardians. Children will get spiritual training constantly and repetitively throughout the week with the same content through partnership with parents and teacher, and home and church. For Puggles®-at-home, bible story review materials, Bible truth, at-home cards, and coloring books will be provided.

Puggles® Curriculum

Puggles® and handbooks are made for 4-year-old children with a course of one year. At Puggles, kids learn about God’s creation and His love through the truth of the Bible.

Spring course – God made the World.

The Word of truth

God made everything.
God made everything. (Gen 1:1, John 1:3, Isaiah 42:5, Eccl 3:11)

  • • Spring Couse: Chapter 1 – God made light. (Day 1)
  • • Spring Course: Chapter 2 – God made sky. (Day 2)
  • • Spring Course: Chapter 3 – God made tree. (Day 3)
  • • Spring Course: Chapter 4 – God made flowers. (Day 3)
  • • Spring Course: Chapter 5 – God made grass. (Day 3)
  • • Spring Course: Chapter 6 – God made vegetables (Day 3)
  • • Spring Course: Chapter 7 – God made the Sun. (Day 4)
  • • Spring Course: Chapter 8 – God made the stars. (Day 4)

Summer Course- God made the World.

The Word of truth

God saw that it was good.
(Genesis 1:10, 31)

  • • Summer Course: Chapter 1 – God made the moon (Day 4)
  • • Summer Course: Chapter 2 – God made fish and birds (Day 5)
  • • Summer Course: Chapter 3 – God made animals (Day 6)
  • • Summer Course: Chapter 4 – God made livestock (Day 6)
  • • Summer Course: Chapter 5 – God made animals in the zoo (Day 6)
  • • Summer Course: Chapter 6 – God made me (Day 6)
  • • Summer Course: Chapter 7 – God made our family (Day 6)
  • • Summer Course: Chapter 8 – God made all of us (Day 6)

Fall Course – God is love

The Word of truth

God is love
(1 John 4:8)

  • • Fall Course: Chapter 1 – God loves me even when I am outside.
  • • Fall Course: Chapter 2 – God loves me even when I am inside.
  • • Fall Course: Chapter 3- God loves me even when I am sad.
  • • Fall Course: Chapter 4 – God loves me even when I am happy.
  • • Fall Course: Chapter 5 – God loves me even when I am scared.
  • • Fall Course: Chapter 6- God loves me even when I am sleeping.
  • • Fall Course: Chapter 7- God loves me all the time.
  • • Fall Course: Chapter 8- God loves my family.

Winter Course- Give thanks to God

The Word of truth

Give thanks to the Lord
(Psalm 105:1)

  • • Winter Course: Chapter 1 – I give thanks to God for food.
  • • Winter Course: Chapter 2- I give thanks to God for the sunlight.
  • • Winter Course: Chapter 3 – I give thanks to God for grass, flowers, and trees.
  • • Winter Course: Chapter 4- I give thanks to God for animals.
  • • Winter Course: Chapter 5 – I give thanks to God for giving me people who take care of me
  • • Winter Course: Chapter 6 – I give thanks to God for giving me a family.
  • • Winter Course: Chapter 7- I give thanks to God for loving me.
  • • Winter Course: Chapter 8- I give thanks to God for giving me the Bible.

Uniform & Awards


The color of Puggles uniform is bright sky color, and it has a Puggle mascot on it. 4-year-old children will feel a sense of closeness toward other Puggles friends who are wearing the same uniform.



Students may collect attendance stickers and club meeting stickers by a sense of the season, which helps them motivated and feel rewarded.

Spring Fall Attendance Stickers Spring Fall Attendance Charts


For teachers, there is a teacher’s guidebook with picture cards to teach for 32 weeks. Also, there are coloring books, puppet show script CD, and hand puppets for various activities.

Puggles Picture Card Finger Puppets Leaders Guidebook

부모님을 위한 교재로는 그림카드와 가정활동이 포함된 Puggles 앳홈 카드와 가정에서 활용 가능한 색칠과 만들기 교재가 있습니다.

앳홈 카드 앳홈 카드 색칠과 만들기

To Start Puggles Club

  • 1) You have to get an approval from the senior pastor of your church.
  • 2) A person in charge has to send a consent form by fax and pay 50 dollars for annual registration fee.
  • * If it is your first time registering an Awana club at your church, you must pay 300 dollars for first time registration fee.
  • 3) Teachers must receive BT (Basic Training) to set up a club.
  • 4) For every club, you must reregister again every year.
  • Inquiry
  • For more detailed information, you may contact your local Awana missionary.
  • Seoul : missionary Sarah Choi (010-4081-5238)
  • Gyeonggi/Gangwon/Jeju : missionary Daniel Kim (010-3135-5997)
  • Gwangju, Jeonnam : missionary Sophia Lee (010-2873-3200)
  • BusanGyeongnam : missionary Shine Park (010-6268-0616)
  • DaejonChoongChung: missionary James Kim & Christine Jung (010-8873-5564)
  • Any other queries : Awana Korea office (031-711-6533)