Greetings from Awana Korea National Director

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting Awana Korea.

Awana Korea has been on a journey of sincerity with the Gospel for the last 34 years, starting with the first generation, Pastor John Song, in 1983. Out of the 100 or more countries that have Awana clubs, God has blessed Korea by allowing it to stand on its feet and making it the model for developing countries. South Korea went from being the country that was receiving help to a country that is now able to help others, by the grace of God alone.

Now, Awana Korea is about to propel for a bigger vision, we’ve committed to build up the Faith Generation far and beyond the next generation by using Joseph as our biblical model. Awana Korea will establish a modern Joseph’s army that is joyful and willing to dedicate its life to God with bold faith.

In order to make that happen, 4000 churches in Korea will need to partner with other churches and join Awana clubs. Working along with organizations that have the same vision as Awana Korea, we’re praying that, in His time, God will open doors to North Korea and we are preparing ourselves to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ when that time comes. By building up Asia Training Center, Western Christian students and Korean Christian students as well as Asian Christian students will have the opportunity to strengthen their language and build relationships through mission networking that will both challenge and strengthen their faith.

Awana Korea will continue to walk the path of the Gospel just as Awana seniors from all over the country have done before us. With God’s grace, we will continue to walk with boldness and without shame.

Awana Korea National Director
Billy Jong Kuk Lee